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Quick Facts About the Corporation administrative de développement industriel de Roxton Inc. (CADIR)

Our Mission:
  • To promote industrial, commercial and economic development and expansion in Roxton Falls and the Township of Roxton.
  • To promote the economic interests of both municipalities by making industrial and commercial properties available to interested entrepreneurs and investors.
  • To ensure the proper administration of all industrial buildings and properties in the Roxton Falls industrial zone.

Roxton’s Corporation administrative de développement industriel (CADIR) was founded in 1990. Its first major campaign, “Jobs Under Our Roof,” resulted in the construction of Roxton’s first industrial motel. The 12,000 square-foot building was made possible with the help of 138 “founding lenders,” all of whom have been reimbursed.

In 1999, the CADIR Board of Directors undertook the construction of a second industrial motel. Again, the people of Roxton gave the campaign their all. With their help and, in some cases their hard-earned money, CADIR was able to bring this wonderful 10,000 square-foot project to fruition.

We would like to thank each and every person who played a part in endowing CADIR with a total of 42,000 square feet of industrial infrastructure. CADIR’s mission is to promote Roxton’s economic interests, which offers 500,000 square feet of land in its industrial park, at very favourable terms, to businesses that establish their operations there.
  • M. Jacques Beauchemin
  • M. Simon Beauregard
  • M. Laurent Denis
  • M. Daniel Roy, Village de Roxton Falls representative
  • M. Marc Bachand, Canton de Roxton representative
  • M. Gérard Poitras, Caisses Desjardins representative
  • M. Roland Seyer, CADIR subscribers representative
  • President: Marc Bachand
  • Vice-president: Laurent Denis
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Gérard Poitras
  • Development Officer: Luc Laroche
  • Secretary: Ginette Dagenais

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